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StartLogic Review By: M.H., Denver, CO, USA
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IP Address:

Stay away from StarLogic!!!

StartLogic Sucks! Here are the reasons for my profound disgruntledness with StartLogic.

1. Absurdly high increase in price per year for hosting. What could possibly justify a jump from last year's price of $120 to this year's $155? Prices have increased every year with StartLogic but this last increase went OVERBOARD!

2. Using StartLogic's web-based email, could not be picked up by my iPhone or from my iPad. NEVER!! EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!! They kept saying they don't have a problem like that with anyone else from their customer base and I should check with Apple Support for my issue, as the problem more likely lies with Apple's devices and not with StartLogic. Needless to say, a few days ago, I have just signed up with a new host and on the very same devices, without any changes or support my web-based email was running smoothly w/ 3 interfaces to pick up from.

3. StartLogic's policy to force me to keep my credit card on file w/ them to charge from year to year is not something I agree with. They make it difficult for a customer to find the non-auto renew, eventually I change to non-auto renew only to find it later changed by "a spirit" back to auto-renew. That happened a few times in different years. Last year, StarLogic managed to charge my credit card that had the same number but had an expired date. I'm not at all sure how they even managed that one.

4. StartLogic has been in the habit of changing my password for both my email and my admin panel for “my own safety”. But they would NOT notify me!!! So I would spend up to 48 hours at a time unable to access my own email, unable to upload any files to my own website or access the admin panel. I had to raise hell with them over the phone to leave my email password the way it was in a conversation that lasted aprox. 1 hour and to put in a notice that my passwords are not to be changed any longer, but only by me.

5. StartLogic customer support has been underwhelming for the past few years. Some of their support individuals are really hard to understand, they keep repeating the same sentences over and over again in spite of me repeatedly communicating to them that that answer is not solving my issue or that this temporary solution is not an assurance that the same thing will not happen in the future again, after it has already been happening 2 or 3 times already, like the issue with changing my passwords without notifying me.

6. The statistics info at the mid-level contains less info that I’m expecting and/or I would have been satisfied with. Was it truly that difficult for them to offer the city/country that a person hits my website from?

7. Finally, they would not let go of me when I wanted to cancel at the end of my yet another year term, not earlier than the end of the entire term. They cling and they send so many reminders; they only communicate in stages what needs to be done in order to have my account with them cancelled. The entire process has already taken 6 weeks since I first initiated it and we are still no done. I had to take screeshots that I was doing what I was asked to do for my own records and as enclosures to prove in my emails that I was doing what I was asked to do in order to wrap up. They invoke the terms "for your safety", "for your own security" so often, in situations when it doesn't make sense any longer, up to a point that has been pretty much the explanations for everything that was ground for my discontentment with their service. What about the security of my own credit card? Review Added on: 2016-03-16

StartLogic Review By: Debra, CA
Site Hosted:http://not anymore
IP Address:

The Worst

They cancelled my domain name before the date it was to expire and then blamed me for cancelling it when it was them who did it! This is their sneaky way of causing the domain name to go into redemption so they can try to extort $160 extra dollars from me to keep the domain name that was mine and hadn't even expired yet.

Support is completely unhelpful and they don't know what they are doing and to talk to someone higher up is only through a ticket, not real communication. Review Added on: 2015-04-01

StartLogic Review By: Sergio Hernandez, Spain
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

Avoid StarLogic.

Read what their "Tech supoort" say about not being able to upload a exe file into my hosting:

"Unfortunately, it is not possible to upload files with .exe extensions to your account. Your account is hosted on a Shared hosting platform which is specifically designed to provide uninterrupted hosting experience to multiple customers. Also, since .exe files cannot be run on our servers we do not allow uploading .exe files to the account."


So does JPG, PDF or BMP files, so I wont be able to upload them neither, isn't it? Review Added on: 2014-07-21

StartLogic Review By: Scott, Boston
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

Worst. Company. Ever.

If there was a "Worst Company Ever" award, these guys would get it hands down. And I don't mean worst web host -- I mean worst company ever.

When I first signed up for their service 5+ years ago, it was a good value with decent, helpful, friendly support. Now, the "support" is virtually non-existent, and it is almost entirely outsourced to India.

To put it simply, what usually takes the help desk first level support at any other company about 5-10 minutes to fix while you're on the phone/chat, Start Logic's online "support" has no actual ability to accomplish anything beyond copying & pasting tutorials they Google before they must create a support ticket and tell you that a "specialist" will get back to you in 2-4 hours, which NEVER happens. If you don't follow up with them with additional phone/chat after that 2-4 hour window has passed, it is unlikely that anyone will update your ticket for a day or two. And even when that finally happens, your support ticket is bounced from one person to another, who often give you either the same copy/paste search results from Google, or completely contradictory information. It is clear that they never even bother to look at the previous history of that same support ticket to see what the others have done! My last support issue took about 8 days to "fix", which wasn't really ever fixed, just a temporary workaround. It probably would have taken longer, but I simply gave up -- during this time, I migrated my websites over to Dream Host, who have been fantastic.

But that led me to yet another problem with Start Logic -- canceling my accounts has been a whole new saga of 3+ support tickets and 2+ phone calls over the past 2 days, and is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon.

Overall, if you're looking for the most frustrating customer experience with a completely unreliable web host that will mess your site up, randomly suspend you if you get spikes in traffic, and basically rip you off, then Start Logic is the host for you!

Don't, don't, don't ever use this company. EVER. Review Added on: 2013-06-11

StartLogic Review By: Sandeep Vij, Delhi, India
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

Incompetent, thieves, careless.

StartLogic sucks, and more.
They don’t know the basics of web hosting
They have incompetent support staff in India. They actually have never announced that it resides in Mangalore, Karnataka, India.
The support staff there is absolutely worthless. You can make out that you are probably chatting with a careless betel chewer who is a school drop out and who has no idea about your question asked, doesn’t know English in the first place, and frustrates you no end with his guffaws.
StartLogic changes the file permissions on their own. 644 gets changed to 755. Why? They have no answer.
The support staff will easily let anyone in the webhosting panel of a customer by the answering of a very stupid question. Their security in this context is absolutely (ABSOLUTELY) alarming (ALARMING). You can complain as many times but either they will not understand or pretend that they have not understood and be evasive, be diversionary.
The sites hosted on their werservers will not show in other countries for some mysterious reason. Instead something else will show up, perhaps Google search engine sites.
The Simple scripts that are normally allowed on other webhosting sites fail on theirs and you are frustrated down to hell and you have no idea about retribution from where. Their support staff doesn’t know what you are talking about. So you pay for the databases but they are as good as redundant.
StartLogic webhosting by default will name your index file as index.htm when the first file to the best of my knowledge is index.html. They deliberately do not let this little important piece of info. known to their customers. Thus, this fact coupled with some other technical glitch or gimmick (by StartLogic themselves), will not yield your home page but a parking page filled with their ppc advertisements. That file (the .html file) is not visible to you in the control panel. THAT IS BIG BIG FRAUD. The entire internet community should take note of this. How petty can anyone get. Theft of your traffic and making money from your traffic is a WEBHOSTING INTERNET CRIME.
Unconfirmed reports have told me that their Indian employees in Mangalore have illegal liaisons with some Indian companies.


I’ll be back with more.
Sandeep Vij,

Tripodot is my brainchild. I set it up singly despite no knowledge of web design. Visit Thanks. No work or maintenance has occurred on the sites since December 2007 (which is another matter). I was attacked in Nov. – Dec. 2007 (again in 2008) and still recovering.

This is further to my grouse expressed on this page.
Not only do the file permissions get changed from 644 to 755 for a mysterious reason, there is no record of the date and time when this criminal act was committed. There is no way you get an intimation. There is no way you get to know when your webhosting control panel was accessed and from where (ip address, country etc.). Very surreptitiously, without informing the customer, the index.html files are removed. So if you have already taken care by uploading (copying from .htm and then renaming actually) a .html file also alongwith the .htm (default of StartLogic), even then you are not secure because you never will notice or be intimated when a thief or ghost will enter your hosting panel and remove or delete the .html file. Example is the link above at It is actually supposed to go to It is a redirect by the way (incidental). It doesn't. It actually goes to This is because StartLogic by default names all html files uploaded with .htm extension but actually points the folder recall or folder fetch command to the index.html file. Okay, fine. So I copied the .htm file, renamed the file with the extension only to .html and then kept it alongside, hoping that now in any case, the intended file shall be seen. Alas, I noticed after a few months that the .html file was gone and now if you were to go to, then you would actually land up at their parking page at And this is because (to add to that), there is also an act of "undoing" your disabling of the 404 error page. This means that if you have disabled their parking page as a result of 404 error page (where they show their page with ppc advertisements), then once again a ghost or a thief visits your control panel and undoes the disabling, meaning that now allowing for the error page with ads to show. Did you get it? 2 things were done by them - no. one >> .html file removed by them, no. 2 >> undoing of your disabling of the 404 error page. So the visitor lands at their parking page with their ppc ads. And you don’t know that this is happening. You can’t check everything all the time. This is becaue some geolocation parameters also creep in. I am in Delhi, so here it is fine, but in Maharashtra or Assam or elsewhere outside of India for that matter, they are displaying the ppc page. You tell this to their support staff when you notice, and they tell you that you must have a secure password!! Can you believe that? I don’t know from what family background these crooks come? Petty, louts, thieves, hungry and naked. Get out and beg, StartLogic! Don’t spoil the hosting industry. :-( Disgrace. I have since noticed (only a few hours ago), that the .html file was gone. I have done it again (copied the .htm file, renamed it to .html and then keeping it alongside the .htm) (April 26, 2013). So let’s see what happens when you visit and which should actually be the same (copies). If it doesn’t, intimate. Review Added on: 2013-05-03

StartLogic Review By: Kenji, boston
Site Hosted:
IP Address:


The most incomplete and superficial service I have ever received. My live site has been down for over a week. Since then I've been bounced around from one technician to another, from one specialist to another. No one is actually taking the time to resolve the issue which is on their end. Review Added on: 2012-09-18

StartLogic Review By: Matt, Phoenix
IP Address:

Keeps getting worse

Startlogic was a good deal a few years back - cheap and supportive. They've grown too fast for their own good. Their own website is down at several points seemingly everday, their tech service reps don't understand their own products, and hosting with them as a whole has become unreliable. Oh, and their security is a joke.

Go elsewhere. Review Added on: 2009-09-29

StartLogic Review By: Lola, California
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

Horribly Slow and always DOWN

I am a freelance artist looking for a full-time position, so it's important that it's running fast 24/7.
It is VERY SLOW. It takes at least 10 seconds for my gallery to load despite the size of my images(50kb each and probably 10images per page)

I have probably costed many clients because of this last year/this year.
It has been slow ever since I signed up for it in 2008.
I contacted them so many times regarding this issue.
Every time, their response was "I don't see any problem" Instead, they blame your computer/connection/images on website.

Not worth your money!!!!! Review Added on: 2009-06-16

StartLogic Review By: Fonda Teske, florida
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

Hackers paradise

Starltogic decided to change all passcodes in October and sent out new passcodes via non secure email. Hackers got the passcode and now my website is gone....Startlogic does not have the files, they only keep them 2 weeks. Not only do I have to pay for another website, hackers in Europe somewhere have who knows how much information. So far they do not take any responsability or show any concern about what has happened. PS it is my understanding that they changed passcodes for all there customer and sent them by the same unsecure email so if you have not changed that passcode your site is in danger of being hacked. Review Added on: 2009-02-03

StartLogic Review By: Gil, Massachusetts, USA
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

Was good in 2006 but quality of service degraded badly since

I started hosting my website at StartLogic in Dec 2006 and I was very happy with the service for the first year out of my two year contract.

However, they then migrated to a new system early 2008 during that time my site was running at a snails pace. I complained and I got a free month of service out of it but no real solution until a month or so later when the migration completed. OK, this is understandable, but it still did not make me very happy.

In the middle of 2008 I found that my site was down, account revoked, no notification to me otherwise, I found out just by randomly visiting the site. I called and found out that it was revoked due to file sharing of intellectual property on my website. Come to find out it was a ISO CD image file that my organization has the patent on and we were offering as a free download. They deleted the file on their own and then reinstated my account. Luckily the file was outdated (it was for 2007 and it was now 2008), so I did not care, but again I was not happy that about no notification of the account shutdown and no verification that I was indeed sharing someone elses intellectual property since the ISO was ours to offer as freeware.

Later in 2008 my site became very slow again. I did not bother complaining because the last time it was pointless. Instead I just let the account lapse and moved to a different service.

The proof is in the pudding. Here is an image I got from Google Webmaster Tools that shows the retrieval times that Googlebot experienced with my website. I switched services the end of Dec 2008....can you tell? Review Added on: 2009-01-31

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