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HostMonster Review By: Joe, Minnesota
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Good product, support has taken a dive

I've been with this company for 6 or so years. I host a dozen or so domains with them. Their support has always been absolutely top-notch. They advertised local Utah-based call-center with very helpful techs.

A few months ago, it tanked. The chat techs now barely speak english (I assume they outsourced their support to a different country), don't listen to your issue, support times are out of control (3+ hours for my last one), are not helpful, don't resolve your issue, don't take ownership of helping you, etc. I used to recommend hostmonster to everyone... no, I'm considering taking my business elsewhere.

It's a good product for a good price, but the support has gone so far downhill I can't recommend them any more. Avoid! (unless they move their support back home) Review Added on: 2016-02-09

HostMonster Review By: jose v rodriguez, Oerlando Florida
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Customer service sucks

I Have more thant 3 years with this guys. I have share hosting and vps servers. Just one year ago the customer services was GREAT. last months they go from bad to horrible. every time you call expet at least 45min holding time. They move from GREAT to SUCKS Review Added on: 2013-08-13

HostMonster Review By: Scott, Boston
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Good, cheap, but support sucks

Yeah there are good things about Hostmonster, as long as you don't need any support.

Things break, like backups and logging, which are beyond a user's control. But getting support on these things is frustrating and sometimes impossible. Their techs read the first 1-3 sentences and supply a stock answer that may or may not have anything to do with the issue.

I made the mistake of asking 3 questions in one support ticket, and after three emails on the ticket they just barely answered the first question. Other tickets have gone ignored for days. Simply no response for 3 days. (So far.)

So Hostmonster is good when things work, but when something doesn't work you are screwed. Good luck. Review Added on: 2013-01-09

HostMonster Review By: Klive, Australia
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dont ever trust hostmonster

I was a first timer and just like most people the cheap price of hostmonster plans caught my eye. i used the service for about a year until hostmonster without prior notice deactivated my account, you couldn't believe how shocked i was, called them up and they told me i had copyrighted material which was upload by users on my website i immediately deleted the WHOLE content of the website but they insisted that i should un-assigne the website, i told them that i need my emails and they kept insisting that i should un-assigne it. to cut the long story short i told them i will move to another provider they were very keen on that as if they wanted me to do so, as soon as i hung up the phone they deleted everything from my other assigned domains and folders which had not copyrighted material and blocked my emails, this company is a total frustration. there is an old say "you get what you pay for". if you want HEADACHE go for HOSTMONSTER. that is my experience. Review Added on: 2012-07-06

HostMonster Review By: exidon, mexico city
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file limitation

I am quite some time at hostmonster now, recently I got mail to reduce file from 200.000 to 50.000. they did not mention that in their terms and conditions, neither on webpage, nor in my contract.
the think I like about hostmonster, is support, chat works all around the clock and tickets are answered fast. Take care, if you need automatic backups! Also server response is not always fastest, but I think that is logic taking their prices in mind Review Added on: 2009-08-24

HostMonster Review By: Wes Burns,
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Great Service, Always up

I've been with HostMonster for two years and hosted a variety of sites over that time. I've never had a single problem with HostMonster.

I have called their customer support number a few times with questions and the staff was surprisingly knowledgeable, even when I asked SEO related questions.

I plan on sticking with them over the long term. Review Added on: 2009-03-10

HostMonster Review By: Tuba, Boston
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Avoid hostmonster if you are planing to have mysql database and over 500 visitiors a day.

The took my site down 3 times without any notice and blamed it on "extensive resource usage" The strange part is that nothing changed on my site script and daily visitors.. Its just their mood when they feel like lets mess with this user.. I assume I am targeted because their "unlimited storage" is getting limited I am using 14GB but the hard drive is at 97%.

It is very frustrating when they take of your site without notice as I was paying $$ for google ads and my site was down so all the clicks I paid for was in vain..

After the 3rd screw up with me I am leaving them for good time to go to godaddy Review Added on: 2009-02-26

HostMonster Review By: Bobby, Decatur Illinois
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Simply the best host for basic websites

I have been with Host Monster as a client and as an affiliate for about 2 years now. My experience with them has been five stars from the get go! There service is incredible for the price. The control panel is great and loaded with everything you need, including many popular scripts such as Drupal, Joomla Wordpress ect. Never had an issue with downtime or slow connections speeds.I can't really review the helpdesk cause I have never really used it. I send all my clients that have simple sites to host monster, and I get paid for it! The affiliate program works and i'm proud to be a part of it. I will say if you see a bad review for host monster chances are the site in question is probably script heavy with loads of traffic. If your going to have a large dynamic website, shared hosting is not for you! Review Added on: 2009-02-10

HostMonster Review By: James Cotton, Cleveland, OH
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Watch them raise your hosting rate on renewal

I am no longer hosted with HM, having let my term expire. They raised the rates $2 a month upon renewal with no warning whatsoever. Their reasoning? It says in their terms prices are subject to change without notice. Good luck finding the renewal rate. It is not even MENTIONED in the reminder email they send out about the impending automatic account renewal. No price included at all, just a message saying they will renew in 15 days. Review Added on: 2009-02-06

HostMonster Review By: Travis Miller, Bowling Green, KY
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Online Support and Uptime is Outstanding!

I have been with HostMonster for two years now and recently renewed for another two. I can only remember one time when my site was down in the past two years and it was not down for long.

I just now has to submit my first Help Ticket with HostMonster for a MySQL database issue. I received a response in less than 10 minutes (at 3:30 am CST, no less). The support engineer was extremely helpful and treated me with the utmost respect. The issue was resolved in a mere half-hour.

I highly recommend HostMonster! Review Added on: 2009-01-28

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