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Lunarpages Review 48 out of 100 5 user ratings

Founded in 2000, Lunarpages has a reputation of being one of the top shared web hosts. Their prices are reasonable and they offer good customer support and high uptime. Lunarpages offers extreme amount of space and bandwidth, taking overselling to the next level! They also offer windows hosting. Another favorite for small business web sites, who may need good amount of bandwidth and good support.

Lunarpages Features

Lunarpages offers a number of features that is essential for running a serious website. They use cPanel, the industry leading control panel. Also, Fantastico scripts library is included. They also offer Shared SSL Certificate and free domain name with every package. Lunarpages also offer free site transfer to their server. With all hosting packages, more than enough space, bandwidth, databases etc. are included. Also, you have the option to add dedicated IP, dedicated SSL etc. to your package at an additional price. Lunarpages will be a good option to start a serious website or e-commerce site.

Lunarpages Coupon

The coupon code:25OffHosting will give $25 off any one or two year plan.

Lunarpages Performance

Lunarpages have their own data center with fast connectivity. They also have tape-back ups and power generators for backup. DDOS protection is also offered, even though there are cases where they requested the site under attack to move out. Even though there are occasional complaints like lost emails, the performance is reported to be good. They are also known to let the users know in advance about any server upgrades, downtime etc.

Lunarpages Price Value

Their price is comparable to hosts in the same category. Cheapest one is priced at $6.95 per month. That may not be the cheapest but considering the features and support, it is reasonable. Their business hosting is more costly, but comes with a number of features required for e-commerce. Overall, they do offer value for money.

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Lunarpages Support

They offer Online Tutorials, Control Panel Manuals, Knowledge Base, Forums in addition to support tickets and telephone support. They reply fast for support tickets, with an average delay of 1 to 2 hours, which is pretty good. Telephone support is slow, you may need to wait on line for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Support is known to be pretty responsive, even though there are occasional reports of poor support. On an average, their support is better than most of the hosts on this category.

Lunarpages Reviews Added By Users

I dont know what the fuss is about, but I've had great service and up time.
Site Hosted: http://l
IP Address:

I've done a fair amount of service related inquires at Lunarpages (and host multiple sites there). My experience has been very pleasent. Professionals, timely, great up times. Sorry to hear the other guys had a bad experience, but they have served me very well. They actually pick up their phones in timely manner and everyone I've dealt with has been pleasant and helpful. I've been on Lunarpage over six years now, and no regrets. I actually recommend them.

Jonas T, Miami on 2012-08-15
They are the worst now
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

I was with LP since 2008. At that time they were really good, but now they are the worst, believe me!

After my 1-year subscription ended, I extended for 3 years. I really regret this decision! Now my subscription is still 14 months away but they don't want to refund my money proratedly even though most of the time the problems are because of their faults and not because of my scripts' faults. I'm glad with HostGator now, very lightning fast and professional!

Too many times, my sites were slow. If it was 1-2 times a year, I still can accept it. But, it's just too often and I can't do business with such bad environment. Every time I opened a ticket, it took several days or even weeks before the problem get solved.

Usually after I made a call and talked to their supervisor. If it's just through tickets, it will never got resolved forever! The tech supports are just too dummy to understand their own stuff.

I decided to move to HostGator because all my sites were down for 3 full days without any action although I have opened a ticket! Before this problem, there was a previous problem where all the DNS records of all my add-on domains were broken. It took one week to make all the DNS records worked again. But just one day after it worked, suddently all my sites were dead, not 1 day, not 2 day, but for 3 days!

I even couldn't login to cPanel, FTP, etc. All were dead. Oh yeah, just want to let you know, that LP is the only hosting that doesn't provide SSH. This really gave me a lot of problems when extracting a big ZIP file and moving around some large directories (File Manager in cPanel couldn't do that, must be from shell command).

Also, all LP servers have only 8 cpus (I compare with HostGator which has 32 cpus at least for my server). One last thing is the download/upload speed. My Internet connection is 25Mbps/25Mbps (about 3 MB/s each). I got full speed with HostGator (although actually HostGator is located farther from me than LP). With LP, I only got 500 KB/s at most (when downloadning/uploading my site backup files once a week).

Dan, Seattle, USA on 2012-04-09
Bad Customer Service
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

I am having serious customer service problems with Lunarpages. First they say the domain costs 9.95 a year, then later another rep tells me its 9.95 a month. That would be over a hundred dollars for a basic domain.....far more expensive than any other web hosting service would charge. When I called them out on it, they were very apologetic about it, but still: 10 emails in, and I haven't been able to find someone who will give me a straight answer to my question. Next step is to call, but I already anticipate a very aggravating phone call, and I'm not looking forward to it.

mro, CA on 2009-02-12
Lunarpages is the best!
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

Web host with extremely low down time and fast updates on web application software. Two thumbs up!

Jerry, Malaysia on 2008-09-12
Serious Problems
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

We have been using the web hosting service by Lunarpages for about three months and have been encountering a number of serious problems. For instance, our server has been down for two days. When it is up again, our files got deleted. We called in for service. It took multiple attempts to actually talk with a representative (We kept getting a voice message box). When the representative picked up, he was impatient and raised voice to the customer and said that there might have been a hacker and such, despite Lunarpages claimed that its severs are hacker free. The representative then hung up on us. Also, even though we pay for a dedicated server, we always have a hard time getting through the line and talk to a suppert representative --- often time, regardless of the time of the day, we get transferred to a voice box. Seldom did anyone return our calls.

chris, US on 2008-04-24
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