Hostgator Coupons - Which is the Best Code for Me?

There are hundreds of Hostgator coupons available on net, but all of them fall into one of the four categories.

  • First Month Free (up to a maximum limit of $9.95)
  • $25 off
  • 20% off
  • 25% off

You can ignore the first month free coupons and 20% off coupons, since the other two provide as good / better discount for any order total. $25 off can be as good or better than first month free promo codes, since the latter is limited to $9.95. 25% coupon codes are obviously better than 20% coupons, irrespective of the order total. Choose between 25% off and $25 off, depending on the order total. The thumb rule is, use $25 off promo codes if your order total is below $100 and use 25% coupon, if your order total is above $100.

Hostgator 25% Off

25% Off from Order Total:
25% Off from Order Total:

Hostgator 25% Off

25% Off from Order Total:

Hostgator 20% Off and $9.95 Off

First Month Free: ($9.94 off) CHEAPWEB994
First Month Free: ($9.94 off) GATOR10COUPON
20% Off: SUMMER 20% Off: GREEN

How to Use the Hostgator Coupon Codes

It is pretty straight forward. On the first page of checkout, you will be asked to enter the coupon. There will be a 20% off coupon pre-filled. You can replace it by a better coupon of your choice.

hostgator coupon

Any Hostgator Review from Customers?

It is not just hostgator promo codes, we also record user reviews on Hhostgator. Reviews from users who have actually hosted with them, giving real feedbacks.

"Hostgator is certainly the most convenient web hosting package...use it for a long time but I never disappointed!:-)"
By: Jim, Texas on 2009-09-30

To read hostgator user reviews, please go here.

If you visit the above two links, you will realise that hostgator provides high quality hosting and a lot of their customers are happy with them. Contrast this with feedbacks received for other hosts and you will know why we rate them among our top three.

So with or without coupons and promo codes, hostgator is one of the best choices you have. Coupons just make your decision making a little bit easier. Happy hosting.

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