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GoDaddy Review 28.75 out of 100 16 user ratings

GoDaddy is one of the largest and cheapest web host around. Ideally suited for experienced webmasters, GoDaddy offers large amount of space and bandwidth at the cheapest price. We will recommend GoDaddy for those who know what they are doing. If you need a better host with more friendly customer service, we recommend to take a look at Hostgator or something similar.

GoDaddy Features

Godaddy use their own control panel, which is a major let down. The features and ease of use is not comparable to cPanel or plesk.

They offer windows hosting also, at the cheapest price imaginable for Windows+SQL Server+ASP+PHP packages. But the bad thing is, they don't allow enterprise manager connection for the SQL server. That means you are forced to use their interface for SQL server, which is a pain.

Also, PHP on windows comes with a lot of restrictions, almost making it useless. If you need PHP, make sure that you select Linux hosting.

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GoDaddy Performance

Godaddy hosting have always figured in netcraft top performance list, due to their excellent hardware and connectivity. But that is the rating for network uptime.

Godaddy oversell their hosting, just like most of the hosting providers. Even though there are occasional complaints, Godaddy provides uptime that is better than industry standard. They do not keep high traffic websites on their servers (even before you use a small percentage of bandwidth available, you will most likely cross the CPU usage limit) which actually helps to make sure that the server performance remains good.

GoDaddy Price Value

They offer some of the cheapest rates in the hosting industry. Starting from $3.45 per month, they offer excellent value for money. The basic package allows only one domain to be hosted, but other packages allow multiple domain hosting which helps to save a lot of money for serious webmasters.

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GoDaddy Support

Godaddy offers 24/7 phone support and support tickets. Phone support has a reasonably high waiting time, and is level I support. Tickets get answered generally in 6 hours or so. Overall, there is a lot of complaints about godaddy support. If you are totally new to web hosting, Godaddy support won't be the best help you are expecting. Instead of a personal care, you might have to be satisfied with copy pasted answers and links to their knowledge base.

Overall, we recommend Godaddy to experienced webmasters who just need a good bandwidth and space, without much advanced requirements. For newbies and those who won't mind paying an extra amount for quality hosting, it may not be a bad idea to look for something like Hostgator.

GoDaddy Reviews Added By Users

No refund!
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

Dear *********,

Thank you for contacting Online Support. I can see you would like a refund for Online Storage. We will be unable to complete the requested refund as this service is non-refundable. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please let us know if we can help you in any other way.

Sara P.
Online Support Team

nooooooow you tell me?!!!, UAE on 2013-08-16
Stay away from GoDaddy!
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

Stay away from GoDaddy if you want to build a dynamic site, especially on a WordPress platform. My similar websites are very slow, a lot of time are down while I'm getting 500 internal server errors or database errors, and the support sucks by all means - they send you fullish answers and aren't helpful at all. So, make yourself a BIG service - stay away from GoDaddy hosting!

Victor, Romania on 2013-05-29
Horrible Experience
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

GoDaddy sucks! I've had the worst experience with them out of any company I've ever dealt with. Apparently 5 years ago I bought a domain for a 5 year term. I haven't logged into that account for 4 years and have NEVER received a notice. Recently they charged me $100.

When I called in they could NOT find me. I said, "But you just charged me $100, I'm looking at my credit card statement from last month". After one hour I figure out they used my OLD credit card number! Can you believe that? No notice and on an old number.

Anyway, I told them that it is the PRINCIPLE that matters. I did NOT get any notice and hadn't logged into my account for 4 years. Didn't matter... they said, "sorry, we can't refund you." I told them that it's unethical and wrong for a company to charge someone 5 years later when they have not logged into the account for 4 years and received no notice.

Just so you know I've bought 2500 domains with other registrars. And I know for certain that the current registrar that I'm with would BEND OVER BACKWARDS to keep me happy. GoDaddy spends MILLIONS on commercials but does something totally unethical and won't refund a customer to keep them happy... doesn't make a lot of sense.

I highly recommend that you do NOT use GoDaddy. There are way better registrars out there that won't scam you.

Dave Vass, Canada on 2012-03-08
Slow Daddy
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

I have the same Drupal code base installed on two shared servers. The godaddy site is significantly slower and even the ftp upload is 3 or 4 times slower. I like godaddy for domain management and registrations but will not host even a small Drupal site. Also, the control panel is poor especially if you are used to cPanel. Their customer service may answer the phone but they have given me incorrect answers twice. You can't run a serious Drupal site on godaddy shared service. You can on others.

Jeff Locke, Florida on 2009-08-25
Site's home page states 9.99 for .ca's - not true
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

COntacted customer support, the woman was extremely condescending, short with me, and rude. Wow. Who would want to deal with this company - ever? Their home page stated that .ca's were 9.99 - it did not say for "new registrations only" - I asked the billing support person for the price, as their site was wrong, and was told flat out no. - I let her know I would be taking my business elesewhere lol - do the CEO's of this company realize how rude their CSR's are? not a way to get business!

caper, nova scotia on 2009-08-12
GoDaddy; Watch out for the fine print
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

GoDaddy seamed like a great deal but you must read the renewal policy. If you don't select “automatically renew” you will not be contacted until after your domain has expired then they will charge you an $80 "redemption fee". If you choose not to pay this ridicules amount and try and register it with another company you can’t because GoDaddy is holding it. You will have to bid to get it from them unless you wait until the 42nd day following your domain registration's expiration date then they cancel your domain. All services associated with the domain are removed. So you might be lucky enough to get it back at no additional charge if it isn’t grabbed up by someone else. In my opinion this is a very unethical practice and my company will not be working with them in the feature.

Rikay, Phoenix AZ on 2009-07-06
Bad Product, Bad Service
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

The price for bare-bones domain hosting is actually $9.63 or more after one year.

The website is confusing and web forms appear designed to disorient the user and upsell more product at every stage of a process.

When you makes changes to your profile you're locked in for 60 days (apparently you agree to this on in one of 3 links containing legal information).

This means that if you make changes to your contact information in order to facilitate a transfer of an expiring domain to a cheaper and/or better service you end up having to pay GoDaddy an additional year of service.

Philip, USA on 2009-06-28
Experienced Webmasters Avoid Godaddy
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

Experienced Webmasters Avoid Godaddy like the plague because they have the slowest servers on the face of the Earth! Try uploading or even getting to the file manager area unless you have an extra few hours (DAYS!) to waste!
I have to charge my customers an extra hundred dollars if they are unfortunate enough to have signed up with this over rated host.
I always manage to enlighten them though (thank God) after they discover the truth about GoDaddy!

thomas, internet on 2009-05-04
forget godaddy
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

signed up and within two hours I was seeking a refund...forget about yourself a load of grief

IOWdogs, Isle of Wight on 2009-05-01
Pretty good for the price
Site Hosted:
IP Address:

For a basic, no frills site like mine, GoDaddy is pretty good. But their control panel is cluttered and hard to find things on. The last time I checked, they do not offer shell access, so if you need that, look for other providers.

Robert D. Reite, PA on 2009-04-28
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